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15 March 2010

meet me on the blogspot

dear, you can find my words from now on at  this blog was made in other times and places and the smell of spring felt like starting something new.
you can also find me on my updated website
and be sure to check back ones in a while to see which markets/trunk shows i'll attent :)

10 April 2009

two thousand nine

wishing you a splendid year - the year that is called two thousand nine *for two thousand eight i had so many good intentions and way to many wishes and now, after the year is over i can look back on a rural time - some wishes have come true, others are remained to be fulfilled - some intentions found a ground to live on, some went up in smoke. then there is two thousand and nine... look forward, look clearly and soak up what i see and keep reminding myself that i only live in the today

01 January 2009


this could have been in Japan or in Amsterdam, but it were the full bloom cherry blossoms in Brooklyn New York in 2008. it was the best week since... and i made this year :)
thank you so much shari and lisa for the nice welcome, i'll be here more often now!

12 May 2008


time is a basic component of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects.
time is that what was between then and now, and in between many things happened.
time allows one to start over, cause time has no end and no begin. time takes us places and want us to be back on a certain moment. time is totally irrelevant, we can not catch it nor can we hold it, but time makes us feel and understand age. i wish i could change time once in a while, travel back in time, or catch a glimpse of the future. but today i am in the here and now, the present and the past and i will make the future mine.
11 months of time passed since my last post, and who knows what changed in the blog world? are you all still there, waiting to read my scribbles and thoughts... i have a lot of catching up to do for sure, and time can only be used once, i will use it as carefully as possible... so, soon...

11 May 2008

potato for sale

Long time no see... things have been swirly around here. Many changes, big changes, live upside down changes. New goals, new roads new adventures and also a lot to leave behind, let go, and look back at.
But finally my potato ring is for sale in the shop. This beautiful bold silver 925 potato shaped ring is completely hollow and very thin. It makes it very light and comfortable to wear.
The concept of this ring is that it will dent by wearing it, having its own scars trough time... making it a unique piece, one that is formed by you. Maybe you can even tell the events that happened when it dented in that particular area or when you scratched it doing 'something' 'somewhere'.
I want to let you know that I will be lifting my prices on the 4th of July. So this is your chance to buy that ring you always wanted for a very very good price. I also will be adding some more new jewelry. There is a hidden ring on its way :)
till soon!


20 June 2007

random things

Back from Europe, a long trip, a show, a wedding, friends that visited and 2 weeks of showing my parents around in this city :-) YEH!! Things have to be organised, i have to get back in the rhythm, orders to be finished, new things on the way, and a long list of things that i want to do - make - see and more. Now there is time again to meet up, have lunches and dinners and spent time with Poes, who grew even bigger!
Below a shot from part of my show in the Elektrohaus in Hamburg, Germany.
I have been tagged by Martha from UNIFORM Studio, who by the way makes beautiful architectural clothing designs for little and big ones! One day i'll own something she made! So I am supposed to write 7 random things about myself...?
one i am a day dreamer, i can sit, think and look at nothing for a long time - two i was not a cat person, but Poes changed my look and made me adore this big personality animal - three i like to eat cheese and chocolate at the same time on my sandwich - four i am not a talker in big crowds, i am the listener - five i like to keep the books that i have read in my bookshelf as a kind of evidence that i have read them... i tent to forget the books that I've read - six i like the smell after rain - seven i wrote these six things down but as soon as i push the publish button i will thing of a dozen more random things about me
i tag rebecca, wendy, shari and if they had a blog i would tag verena and sandra
Another shot from one of the paintings that was in the show. The image is overexposed and gave this silky white feeling to it. The real colors are greenish... image to come.
My heart goes out to lisa, i look at Poes and can't imagine being without her... she lost her little twin sister... be strong!

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24 May 2007

wash stool

Some old work, from my Art Academy times... seems like ages ago! This was one of my final-year pieces. A little Koshikake or wash stool which can be used in the ritual of bathing, the Japanese way. It was designed to be in a bathing house which was also designed by me.
The idea is to assemble the Koshikake before you use it. This very conscious step enables the user to focus on the experience, concentrating on oneself, become aware of ones own body, allowing the user to almost immediately immerse oneself in the ritual cleansing process, leaving the rest of the world somewhere outside of the bathing room. This goal of drawing the attention away from daily life and towards oneself is further enchained by the nature of the Koshikake. The Koshikake is very close to the ground, which causes the body to be in an almost rolled together form, offering a chance to become extremely aware of its own body. In this position the user is able to wash the entire body with ease, enforcing the feeling of being one with oneself, of pureness, cleanliness and relaxation for body and mind.


11 April 2007


Did you had a good Easter weekend? I did and I think this was my first Easter with snow... Yes, yesterday there was snow falling in NY. Today the sun is shining again... a little.
Stage two of the Potato ring is taking much longer than expected, maybe I am to careful or not such a rough person. i don't know... I am even thinking of asking someone as a try-out person. One who is very rough and wears it day and night... Well, as soon as it is showing I will post it here!
I am painting together with Poes (she loves to watch me and follow me around with every step I take. She is so funny... ) the last big painting is going to be finished this week and then there are some smaller ones that I try to do in between. The cards are being printed and will ship out soon by my friend Verena who is coordinating everything in Hamburg. Many thanks Verena!! I am already looking forward to the dinner! :)
Here is the invitation of the show. If you are around Hamburg, be sure to come by!
Back to painting again...

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09 April 2007

potato ring

I couldn't wait :) here is the first stage of the potato ring. When second stage is ready to be shown I will explain the concept of this ring. Patience, my friends!


24 March 2007

flower and flakes

This one is for you Paulina!
Weekend is a half a day away, birthday party and other nice times awaiting. And more painting, need to do more painting, more painting... There is another ring in the pipeline which makes its appearance hopefully next week! And then all left to do is watch my little gray monster look at the falling snow. She would look good walking around in it :) I took her up to the roof, she loves it, all the new smells and sounds. Soon we go for a walk in the park!
The weather is totally mixed up here in the city, a few days ago we could walk around in shorts and now it is snowing again. I feel like this abnormality has been going on for a while now! The turning of this earth is not so smooth is spinning out of control and needs some oil!
Have a great weekend you all! I know i will :)

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16 March 2007

gray tones

Today is such a beautiful day here in NYC! The sun is shining, blue skies, Sufjan Stevens on Itunes...the air smells like spring! Hmmm... but it is gonna be cold on Tuesday, so I guess spring has to wait a little longer and I will just enjoy this day as it is. I have some more painting to do for my upcoming show in Hamburg. Working hard and enjoying the moments in between, those are the moment of drinking tea and looking, thinking and figuring out the next step, where to put the next layer. This painting has no name yet, it does have a story so the name will come up ones it is ready. It is about 45 x 45 inches (115 x 115 cm) and I just love the different gray tones, to me they seem so deep... you can sink into them. This is probably gonna be the painting that will be used for the invitation. Although it is not finished yet (it needs a few more layers) I think this is the one. Hope you all have a great weekend!


03 March 2007

a year and a week

One year and a week have passed since my first post here in blog-land. I forgot about it, I knew it was in February...but yeh... Looking back now I see that a lot happened in this one year, Poes came in my live, I met a lot new people and lost some old ones along the way, got my Etsy site up and started selling my jewelry and had my first show for my paintings and jewelry. Nothing but wonderful!
I still have some more jewelry to share - I made these for the 55th Wedding anniversary of 'my' grandparents. A wishbone pin and charm with a little diamond! They were very happy with it :)

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27 February 2007


Last weekend was a nice one! I went to the Armory show on Pier 94. When I arrived there to meet up with friends the line was sooo long that there was a moment I thought I didn't wanna go in. I had this image in my mind of the Friday nights at the MoMa... 'cause it is free on Friday nights, everybody goes. So, yes there were far too many people but it was nice. I saw a few interesting pieces and a lot of interesting people :)
Sunday my neighbor took me to a restaurant in Korea town (or street) called HanGawi. I loved the interior. You sit at tables that are almost floor height and the 'poor' servers (who walk around in some kind of pyjama, very sweet) need to bend down each time they bring you something new. We drank Rose-bud tea and milky rice wine, a whole new experience! I love sake but this is very different. And we ate a lot of fried stuff with a thick sweet and sour sauce.
Furthermore I did some painting and stretching the canvas... Show time is coming closer and closer!

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26 February 2007


Yeh! time warner finally managed to fix my internet after 6 appointment, 3 weeks and too many cable guys later! My neighbor got her new connection setup the next day... so much for costumer service :p
Anyway, now I am fully online again which means I am able to skype, internet, email, download, you name it!
Thank you so much for all your nice reactions on the knitted ring! It is so good to hear and I really appreciate it :)
My friends left the city :( but one is coming back to stay!!! and very soon I hope... We went to see Ron Mueck at the Brooklyn Museum - this was very cool. The sculptures look so real, you want to touch them. The looks he creates are unbelievable... Then did some gallery hopping, very crowded and I just saw 1 nice golden picture of an artist I can't remember the name of. I know, that is bad.

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07 February 2007

gold knitted ring

Time Warner S*KS! My Internet is running, but not all the time, and they can't figure out why! Very annoying!
Anyway, live goes on and I have some new stuff to show you. This is a gold version of the Knitted ring. This is the Yellow version, but it is available in Red and White Gold too. Soon I hope to show you more different kinds. The knitted ring is a one of a kind ring. It was a collaboration between Tessa and me, she made the rings in wool and I came up with the idea to make them in metal, silver and gold.
You have to see these small clips made by my friend Rogier Wieland! They are so COOL! So hop over to Youtube and rate them 5 stars :)
It is cold in the city, there was some snow but not the sticky kind... hope we have some of that soon. The winter can't just pass without a snow storm, can it? Well, back to painting! Have a great Monday!!

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29 January 2007

still here

A year, a birthday, Internet failure, vacation trip, crashed hard-disk and far to many days later I am almost back at blogging again. It has been toooo long, and I missed reading all your stories and looking at your beautiful images. Time just disappeared, it went up in smoke... somewhere between last year and now. And even now it is running faster then I can catch up with. I need to get back on track, start where I left off, or maybe just start where I am now. The hard disk is replaced with a new one and I count the lost mb's. The photo's, the emails, the files...too many to think about, I stopped! Internet is still not running but I hope the cable guy can fix the problem soon so I can be fully back online. In the meantime Poes grew from kitten to cat and made some new friends as did I, and I started gathering new ideas for the next big thing in April and will tell all about that when I know a little more. Friends come to town next week, yeh! And I get to spent some time with a new born guy who stole my heart. I will take it easy here in blog-world, and maybe some things will change...a new year means a fresh start and change is good! So my friends, thank you for being patience, till soon :-) with pictures!


22 January 2007


A special request from Lisa s, Matilda's twin sister - Poes. I mean really, they have to be twins :) Poes just loves to lay on her back...weird girl! By the way, the rat you see (giving to me by my friend Wendy in Holland, when I was wishing for a pet!) has been injured during playtime with Poes. Her tail is half the length shorter now :( poor rat! So I have to find her a new play-pal... This morning she woke me up screaming MIAUW, because she climbed up somewhere she could not get off on her own! She is pushing my limits, seeing how far she can go, how bad she can be... and she can be a monster, a donderstraal! but then when she sleeps :), she is the cutest thing ever.
Today, December 1st and it is 22 C (72 F) outside, I must be in the wrong country... this is absurd! There should be snow, and thick winter coats and hot chocolate milk. I just bought a super nice hat and a beautiful scarf... which I am suppose to wear now, instead I go out in a T-shirt, no coat... the only thing missing today is sunglasses... it is raining. Maybe winter starts tomorrow...
So today will be all about painting and guessing the last round of the Compound Word Project, I still only now half of the words...
Have a great Friday friends, almost weekend ;)

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01 December 2006


The lovely Shari got the honours of my first interview. I had a great time doing it! And I love reading the other interviews with all these amazing lady's! How did I get to be on that list?
Poes is laying on my lap, while I am trying to figure out the words of the second round from the Compound Word Project. I have a hard time...I really do...! But the photo's are all so nice!
I am getting things done, and slowly reading long neglected blogs of you!

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29 November 2006

another update

Hi Friends... can you believe this, it took me for ever to write another post. To much going on in live beyond the computer. I have been busy painting the mural for a baby room which I soon hope to show you after making some photo's. Rings are ready to send out and I am still working on some paintings. There are some orders on the Knitted rings which will be heading to happy receivers hopefully before the holidays. This time we are going to explore them in different shades of Gold.
I managed to update my website with more images of the Layers paintings and my friend Verena has her new website running - for a while already :), have a look at her jewelry.
Also a while ago Wendy came with two friends to have dinner at my place. We had a great time, lots of talking about art and other stuff. She left alone and her friends live in my room now, happy me :) I am sad Wendy leaves to LA, but I am very curious about her word project!
And I was one of the happy people to receive one of Mav's cards. I love it! As I do her holiday gift guide. Lots of nice stuff!
I am off to see Casino Royal...hope it is better than Babel, that sucked!

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26 November 2006

the show

Some last preparations, all the rings in their little plastic bag with number and size.
Paintings on the wall, still empty jewelry displays...
And then the moment was here, last weekend was SHOWTIME... all the hard work was rewarded with a crowded show on both Saturday and Sunday. There were so many people that there were waiting lines in the hallway :) All the jewelry was spread out carefully by all the designers and I think everybody was happy with the way it looks.
My paintings fitted perfectly on the looked SO nice, I am a very happy girl :) I got lots of nice comments! And you know what the best part was...all my friends came to look at the paintings and the jewelry :-) thank you so much!!!
So, I am back to my normal was all about cleaning up and giving Poes some attention. And tomorrow I will be back in the saddle finishing orders of rings in sizes I did not had at the show, painting commissions and buying supplies for a mural for a baby room that I will be starting to make hopefully this week. The mural has to be finished soon....because the lovely lady is getting close to due date :) And this is also why I had my first baby-shower this weekend, and it was so nice! It was in Lady Mendl's tea Salon, such a beautiful space. We drank lots of tea, ate many many cookies, chocolate, fingers sandwiches, salad, scones... I was completely stuffed when I had to rush back to the show!
So I will be catching up with you all this week...lots of blogs to read, emails to write and phone calls to make! *Daphne

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13 November 2006

happy -ween

My first pumpkin, I made it last year with my Friend! I will be heading out now and watch all the kids spooky-ing trough the neighborhood :)

31 October 2006

that time of the year

It is this time of the year when the plastic bags fly passed your head and end up being stuck in a tree. It is this time of the year when I just want to drink hot chocolate with whip cream, watch a movie snuggled up in bed or on the couch. Hear the wind blowing over the roof, 'knocking' on my window. Hear new sounds...of moving things. It is time for chimney fires, drinking wine and long talks. I remember that 'this time' was a lot later last year...does this mean that winter comes early too? Somehow the darkness outside is giving me this cozy feeling inside, do you have that? This is time to create and I am enjoying it very much!
Have you read wendy's moments, I love them!!
Last night I went to a gallery opening of a friend of mine. He makes these beautiful large abstract paintings and I fell in love with one of them... #105 no picture :( but here you can see some older work of Hiromitsu Kuroo.
...and we saw The Departed
The room went dark wile typing this...I have to turn on the lights! I'll leave you with another picture of Poes, I just couldn't resist ;)

29 October 2006

getting closer

As the show is moving closer I finally send out my invitations. I like doing this, putting the stamps on the envelopes and then slowly let them fall in the mailbox...of to a friend, close or far away...even to far away to come by.
Yesterday I finished some more rings and painted a little more before the gray creature came hanging around upstairs. She just loves to be in the same spot as were I am, especially when I am working. She bangs the brushes with her paw and even walks over my paintings. Since I use a lot of water she steps in the wet paint more then ones but it does not seem to bother her as much as I do :)
This morning we went to the vet a second time, she got spayed last week and since a few days she has this bump underneath her skin at the place of the surgery. The vet said it was normal and I just hope it is. She does not seem to have any pain. On the photo you can see her shaved belly with little hair growing on again...
Well, back to work again - have a great Wednesday!

25 October 2006

coney island

Yesterday I went to Coney Island to meet up with Wendy, Anne and Greg to do some photo shooting in the almost deserted amusement park and its surrounding streets. The train took me one and a half hour to get there and since that was not expected I was late. But luckily not to late to still feel and hear the silence on the boardwalk. The weather was the best, the sky was so blue, the air fresh and cool and the sun was shining...what else to wish for?
I found this great blog called GalleryDing trough Ma Roulotte. The blog is from Maarten who is also a jeweler in the Netherlands. His site has so many links you could keep on surfing all day...check it out! Hope you have a great weekend!!

22 October 2006

friday the 13th

Nothing special about it I think, so far... All the weird stuff already happened last week. I personally don't believe in these things...and wonder where the story came from. Over time things change and the actual story is far from what we think it is today. Like this game we played when I was a little girl. We would all sit in a circle and you would say a word to you neighbor, who would say it the his-her neighbor, and then the last person tells the word he has heard...totally different of course. Yeh for good old times! :)
Yesterday I picked up some more rings and dropped off another batch. I walked passed the 'Sky Mirror' by Anish Kapoor, this time with my camera. The huge stainless steel mirror is on 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Centre. It is a memorial to the British victims of 9-11. It gives you the feeling that you are very tiny and just one of the many many people on this earth. It is not only a reflection of yourself in a visual way but standing there made me look at the others passerby's as well and made me think of what I am to this world and to others. In other words I liked this bombastic thing in the middle of the street.
it took me about 20 times to upload these images...blah!

13 October 2006

jewelry show

You are all invited to the first Fred de Vos jewelry show!
The invitation is ready and I wish I was... still working hard to make everything that is on my list of things that I want to show. The show is going to be amazing, lots of designers and all their different styles. Can't wait to see it all in one room. I hope that I have enough time to start this new thing that I have been thinking about for a while now - a very special necklace. We'll see :)
My card for the art show is coming soon, this week for sure!
In the bus downtown I started reading 'the history of love' by Nicole Krauss...and couldn't stop. Join reading this wonderful book in the 'book-club' hosted by Shari, Lisa s and Ash. Go for more info to Lisa s musings this friday.

10 October 2006

waiting to dry

The sky is so amazingly blue, the sun is shining, and cool fresh air - the perfect October day! I am in the city but if I close my eyes I can see myself walking (or better - running and jumping) on a hill, dried grass around me, little stream far down... A little like 'Christina's world' from Andrew Wyeth which is one of the paintings I really love to see when I'm at the MoMa.
Up to the studio again and paint some more... 'Cause I work in al lot of layers and use lots of water it needs a long time to dry before I can apply the next layer. I am working on several paintings at the same time trying not waste any time, but a little pause ones in a while makes me reflect on that what I have painted so far...a little distance is good! Below you can see one of the paintings I am working on now (not revealing so much though...), for a show next month! I will tell you soon some more about that. Have a good Thursday everyone!!

05 October 2006


New stuff in the shop! Some geometrical shapes this time... All in silver 925 but also available in gold on request. Please have a look at the circle, square and round ring :)

02 October 2006

aurora robson

In answer to Lisa's question, I did see Aurora Robson's jungle and I loved it. It really was a jungle, so much to see...and again the colors she used were amazing, lots of green tones. Have a look at this link. Look at one of those sculptures and than imagine you see multiple of them hanging around you. Very nice!! Too bad it wasn't in a larger space, that would have even been better :)

art 212

Just back from the show and positively surprised. Often I am a bit disappointed by the work shown in such shows but not this time. I even got to see Lisa Solomon's work in person and I really loved it! See here for yourself.
Two artists work I really liked are Sarah Smelser, her work might look a little doll on the net but the colors in real time were amazing. And Isabel Bigelow had some beautiful colored paintings, very dreamy.
Sarah Smelser
Isabel Bigelow

01 October 2006


Flow acceleration, is that a word you would use to say that things are going and that they go good! Anyway, ... I couldn't be happier!! There are several things to work on and soon I hope to tell you some more about it.
Later today I will go to the Art-212 show, I hope to see some interesting new stuff and will post about that later.
Little Poes has a big character and likes to do things her way. She is very active and right now she is bugging me writing this post. She LOVES attention and has no shame asking for it :)


I just had to show you this picture, isn't she gorgeous? Today we hanged out at the rooftop for a little while. She really enjoys all the activity around her, the new smells, the fly she is trying to catch!
When I am not playing with her I am working on the jewelry show in November. I hope that I can give you some more information soon. For now I can only tell you that it will be on the weekend of 11-12 November noon till 6 pm in SoHo New York. On my list to make is a new necklace that I hope will turn out great and lots of rings. Today I try to finish two orders so I can send them out to the other side of the big pond :)

27 September 2006