bags and so

Have a look at this beautiful leather bag designed by Natassia Jacobs.
and another very nice designed felt bag by Pia Wallen. I wish I could have them both!
although this piece of clothing, designed by Rianne de Witte, is from 1996 it could be hanging in the stores today. The skirt and jacket made out of one piece makes it very special. I can see myself walking around in this!

30 April 2006


I love this jewelry gallery called Funaki, they present the nicest work. Maybe some day... The owner is Mari Funaki who herself makes beautiful jewelry. Very simple and delicate. It almost feels that if you would wear one of her rings it will change form.

20 April 2006

vitamin water

It is 'vitamin water' weather again. The sun has been shining for the last few days. Today it is going to be 24˚C. Jippie jippie!!! Vitamin water is probably just water with a taste, like lemonade. And maybe some added vitamins. But the taste is great, I really like the one with dragon fruit.
*Daan, ik wil je niet jarloers maken hoor! Ze moeten maar snel een importeur in Nederland zoeken!*

19 April 2006

izima kaoru

Izima Kaoru is a Japanese photographer who makes beautiful but strange pictures. First you see an image of nature or a part of the city. But when you look closer you see a dead woman. As he zooms in on the 'scene' you get to see more and more details of how this woman might have died. The woman are wearing all kinds of high end fashion. And as weird as the subject may seem, the pictures are really nice to look at. You have to google around a bit to see more of his work.

17 April 2006

architecture and so

To all the architectural lovers: you have to see this presentation video made by for O.M.A.
And have you already seen the 4 x 4 house from Tadao Ando. You can find more pictures in the book Top Japanese Architects. I would want to live in a house with that kind conscience-ness of the light.

14 April 2006

naked as we came

maybe, maybe it is spring...soon!

10 April 2006

ice age, the meltdown

The squirrel is so cute!

09 April 2006


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08 April 2006

robert rauschenberg

When I saw the book 'Short Stories' by Robert Rauschenberg (American, born in 1925) I just wanted to have it. I think that it is the best work by Rauschenberg. Read his story on Wikipedia. A while ago I went to the exhibition of him in the Metropolitan Museum. There was so much to see, you could spent a lot of time in that space. Here are two of the 'Short Stories'.

antonio tapies

My friend introduced me to his artwork a few years ago and I immediately liked it. Antonio Tapies was born in 1923 in Spain and has a enormously amount of paintings on his name. He also worked with a lot of other well known artists, for example Anselm Kiefer. Tapies' books are extremely expensive but very nice.

07 April 2006

hand made pear ring

Today I introduce to you the Pear ring. One of the rings that I have been working on lately and there is more to come. The Pear ring comes in Sterling Silver, 10K Gold and 18K Gold in any size you like. The ring is completely hand made from scratch, that means that I don't use a mold and your ring will be one of a kind. You could wear one or stack multiple of them.
I sell the rings in my online store where I also sell some other jewelry. Please have a look!
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06 April 2006