munch, rothko and newman

Last Friday I went to the MOMA, for free. Normally it costs $20 but on Fridays between 4 and 8 it is target free night. You just need to like standing in line for a bit and be in the museum with hundreds of other people. I went to see the Munch exhibition...but unfortunately the big piece, the Scream 1893, is still missing after it was stolen from the Munch museum.
There is also a temporary exhibition of New Architecture in Spain. A lot of models to see, really nice. And then of course, there was my favorite painter Mark Rothko. I took a very bad photo of this beautiful black and grey painting. I couldn't find a photo on the web so you have to do it with this one.
Also this weekend there is an Art Fair organized by the ADAA in New York. Here you could buy a Barnett Newman painting for $14.000.000 and a lot of other famous painters where represented by the different galleries. Maybe the upcoming Armory Show will expose me to some affordable paintings.

27 February 2006

louis vuitton

Recently the Flag store of Louis Vuitton in Paris, France was opened with a performance of Vanessa Beecroft. The 7th floor is dedicated as a gallery and there will be five annual exhibitions. The first one is done by the Italian-American artist Vanessa Beecroft who lives today in New York. This "Alphabet concept" imagined by the artist organizes a choreography of naked women whose articulated bodies form the letters of the alphabet, whose celebrates it interlaced LV. The exhibition will be there from January 12 until March 31 2006. So if you happen to be in Paris...
find me...

23 February 2006


The site of Marianne Lovink shows a lot of little creatures. Her sculptures are a creation of imaginary hybrids - ambiguous new versions or mutations of the "natural" that are both unpredictable and unsettling.
It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are - ee cummings

22 February 2006

so fragile

Every day I look at this beautiful postcard which was send to me by a very good friend. It is a painting of the Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck, The Primary School Girl, 1908. Schjerfbeck was an extremely slow painter. When she began painting, the first brushstrokes would show whether the mood was right. If not, she would wait for a better day. When she eventually returned to the canvas weeks later, she would often wash off everything she had painted earlier. Sometimes she scrubbed the canvas until it lost its sheen and became worn and fragile - as fragile as the little girl in the picture. I love the simplicity and the colors she used. Like time stands still.

20 February 2006

this is a start...

All things have to start somewhere... And so, this is the first post on my new Blog. Not sure what I am going to put down here, but it probably will be a lot of nice stuff that I see and want to share with you. It will help me to organize (I will soon figure out how I will be doing that...) the overloaded bookmark list that I have and let you peak in my world of 'likes'! So, while times goes on the Blog will grow. In the meantime take a look at the beautiful view of the snowstorm that was here last week.

19 February 2006