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Back from Europe, a long trip, a show, a wedding, friends that visited and 2 weeks of showing my parents around in this city :-) YEH!! Things have to be organised, i have to get back in the rhythm, orders to be finished, new things on the way, and a long list of things that i want to do - make - see and more. Now there is time again to meet up, have lunches and dinners and spent time with Poes, who grew even bigger!
Below a shot from part of my show in the Elektrohaus in Hamburg, Germany.
I have been tagged by Martha from UNIFORM Studio, who by the way makes beautiful architectural clothing designs for little and big ones! One day i'll own something she made! So I am supposed to write 7 random things about myself...?
one i am a day dreamer, i can sit, think and look at nothing for a long time - two i was not a cat person, but Poes changed my look and made me adore this big personality animal - three i like to eat cheese and chocolate at the same time on my sandwich - four i am not a talker in big crowds, i am the listener - five i like to keep the books that i have read in my bookshelf as a kind of evidence that i have read them... i tent to forget the books that I've read - six i like the smell after rain - seven i wrote these six things down but as soon as i push the publish button i will thing of a dozen more random things about me
i tag rebecca, wendy, shari and if they had a blog i would tag verena and sandra
Another shot from one of the paintings that was in the show. The image is overexposed and gave this silky white feeling to it. The real colors are greenish... image to come.
My heart goes out to lisa, i look at Poes and can't imagine being without her... she lost her little twin sister... be strong!

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24 May 2007


Blogger lisa s said...

hello sweet daphne.... i immediately thought of you and poes... please give her an extra squeeze and pet for me?

glad you had a lovely trip.

1:29 PM  

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