pear bracelet

YEH!! The Pear series is complete. The final piece is there, the bracelet! It is made to fit me, but with little adjustments and a bigger size it will fit you too. It is made from sterling silver and wraps tightly around the wrist. I still need to make some photo's of my latest finished jewelry on hands and so, to show you how beautifully it fits the body. That will be a little project for this week and I hope I'll have that ready at the end of this hot, sticky, warm, clammy weather that has fallen up on us. But, we'll survive...the airco is running top-speed! ...I can only shiver thinking about what is yet to come...even hotter, sweatier weather :) All this hotness gives me a good excuse to drink lots of iced soy Chai, hhmmmm :)
Another thing I will do this week is add the Cabochon ring and this bracelet to my online store. Further more I'm working on getting the Felt series completed. I want to add some tiny earrings and a nice pendant and maybe a bracelet as well. But I haven't made my mind up about that yet. We'll see... ps - for now, no more 'blogs I like'

19 June 2006

friday - red

Last day of color week, I had a lot of fun watching everybody's photo's! I don't have that much red around the house. The only red around here are some book covers or the Sun-maid raisins I take as a snack....So here is my red, my hair and yes, it is mine :) the photo credits go to Rogier Wieland who is a lot more than a graphic designer. Have a look at his site!!

16 June 2006

thursday - blue

this day was so nice...enjoying the warm weather on my roof and in the park. The sky was blue with lovely white clouds, those sky's are the best! They make me happy!!! And that will be my blue for today. Tomorrow will be the last day of color week :(

15 June 2006

cabochon ring

I finally finished this cabochon ring which I really like. It has a white beryl cabochon stone and a large shaft which is higher than normal. The V-shaped ring part makes it very comfortable to wear. I normally don't wear large rings or even a lot of jewelry but this one I am definitely going to show off. The glow of the stone is just beautiful. Well, enough bragging...
If you would like one also, just send me an email (mezereem at and I will post it soon on my online store :)

wednesday - black/gray

A late post, we discovered a deserted outlet store somewhere in New Jersey. I am still trying to figure out if it was deserted because of the late time that we were there or because it looked like it was falling apart. It was built for people with a car and since non of us owns one we had to go walking around. No walking roads what so ever but we did manage to find a crossing with a crossing light, somewhere in the grass. Anyway, I ended up bringing two pairs of summer shoes home :) and then had dinner at PUKK (a vegetarian Thai with the best appetizers!).
So today is a black-gray color day. It started of being very gray today but later the sun came trough. And almost all of my clothing is some kind of black, I always think that there are many kinds of black. So I could take a photo of my clothes but I thought that I let myself be inspired by our x-ing experience earlier today...

14 June 2006

tuesday - brown

Ok, I cheated...this is a photo from my archives. But I wanted to show you the brown of these beautifully built Japanese wooden houses. So many colors of brown again...well enjoy!

13 June 2006

thin felt rings

Thin felt rings are online for sale, have a look!!

12 June 2006

monday - white

The first day of color day! So today's color is white. I do have a lot of white in the house, I love white. 'Cause for me it is pure, clean, simple, but than again, white is not really white if you don't have a contrast. There can only be pure white with a little black next to it... Anyway, my post is a white that I see everyday during breakfast. Lots of whites on white...

more jewelry

The weather is a little better today. Still chilly but there is sun again. So a good day to make some pictures of my newest jewelry. These are thin versions of the felt ring. It looks very nice when you stack them in different colors and they are very comfy to wear. You can find them soon in my store.
Well, I am off to buy some wine and have a dinner with friends. See you monday with the first color of color week!

10 June 2006

color week

Here is an announcement for color week, next week. I am looking so much forward to participate in posting a color everyday. And have to say that these colors are my favorite. So please join and post a color a day according to this scheme Arc from Port2Port laid out.
on that announcement for another photographic week of color to start on monday june 12. here are the rules! please post a single photo on your blog to the following schedule color theme:
monday - white
tuesday - brown
wednesday - black/grey (but not a b&w photo)
thursday - blue
friday - red

09 June 2006

it has been a while...

I know, it has been a while... ...but I needed to post on this day. '666' or 6 July 2006, special dates somehow always fascinates me. They only come ones and then it is past forever. A memory, a date, just numbers... I like to look at how people put the date on a letter. First of all it is different in many country's, but then people also have their special way of writing that date. My way of doing it will be something like this - New York, 6 July 2006 - How do you start your letter?
In the mean time I have finished some more jewelry. I hope to make pictures tomorrow if the weather allows me to. The days are mostly gray here in NY, some sunny moments though. It will get better, I just know :)
I leave you for now with this gray painting I made some years ago. This is just a small (30 x 30 cm - 12 x 12 inch) one...I am now working on a larger (1 x 1 meter - 40 x 40 inch) green one.

06 June 2006