wash stool

Some old work, from my Art Academy times... seems like ages ago! This was one of my final-year pieces. A little Koshikake or wash stool which can be used in the ritual of bathing, the Japanese way. It was designed to be in a bathing house which was also designed by me.
The idea is to assemble the Koshikake before you use it. This very conscious step enables the user to focus on the experience, concentrating on oneself, become aware of ones own body, allowing the user to almost immediately immerse oneself in the ritual cleansing process, leaving the rest of the world somewhere outside of the bathing room. This goal of drawing the attention away from daily life and towards oneself is further enchained by the nature of the Koshikake. The Koshikake is very close to the ground, which causes the body to be in an almost rolled together form, offering a chance to become extremely aware of its own body. In this position the user is able to wash the entire body with ease, enforcing the feeling of being one with oneself, of pureness, cleanliness and relaxation for body and mind.


11 April 2007


Did you had a good Easter weekend? I did and I think this was my first Easter with snow... Yes, yesterday there was snow falling in NY. Today the sun is shining again... a little.
Stage two of the Potato ring is taking much longer than expected, maybe I am to careful or not such a rough person. i don't know... I am even thinking of asking someone as a try-out person. One who is very rough and wears it day and night... Well, as soon as it is showing I will post it here!
I am painting together with Poes (she loves to watch me and follow me around with every step I take. She is so funny... ) the last big painting is going to be finished this week and then there are some smaller ones that I try to do in between. The cards are being printed and will ship out soon by my friend Verena who is coordinating everything in Hamburg. Many thanks Verena!! I am already looking forward to the dinner! :)
Here is the invitation of the show. If you are around Hamburg, be sure to come by!
Back to painting again...

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09 April 2007