a year and a week

One year and a week have passed since my first post here in blog-land. I forgot about it, I knew it was in February...but yeh... Looking back now I see that a lot happened in this one year, Poes came in my live, I met a lot new people and lost some old ones along the way, got my Etsy site up and started selling my jewelry and had my first show for my paintings and jewelry. Nothing but wonderful!
I still have some more jewelry to share - I made these for the 55th Wedding anniversary of 'my' grandparents. A wishbone pin and charm with a little diamond! They were very happy with it :)

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27 February 2007


Last weekend was a nice one! I went to the Armory show on Pier 94. When I arrived there to meet up with friends the line was sooo long that there was a moment I thought I didn't wanna go in. I had this image in my mind of the Friday nights at the MoMa... 'cause it is free on Friday nights, everybody goes. So, yes there were far too many people but it was nice. I saw a few interesting pieces and a lot of interesting people :)
Sunday my neighbor took me to a restaurant in Korea town (or street) called HanGawi. I loved the interior. You sit at tables that are almost floor height and the 'poor' servers (who walk around in some kind of pyjama, very sweet) need to bend down each time they bring you something new. We drank Rose-bud tea and milky rice wine, a whole new experience! I love sake but this is very different. And we ate a lot of fried stuff with a thick sweet and sour sauce.
Furthermore I did some painting and stretching the canvas... Show time is coming closer and closer!

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26 February 2007


Yeh! time warner finally managed to fix my internet after 6 appointment, 3 weeks and too many cable guys later! My neighbor got her new connection setup the next day... so much for costumer service :p
Anyway, now I am fully online again which means I am able to skype, internet, email, download, you name it!
Thank you so much for all your nice reactions on the knitted ring! It is so good to hear and I really appreciate it :)
My friends left the city :( but one is coming back to stay!!! and very soon I hope... We went to see Ron Mueck at the Brooklyn Museum - this was very cool. The sculptures look so real, you want to touch them. The looks he creates are unbelievable... Then did some gallery hopping, very crowded and I just saw 1 nice golden picture of an artist I can't remember the name of. I know, that is bad.

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07 February 2007