A special request from Lisa s, Matilda's twin sister - Poes. I mean really, they have to be twins :) Poes just loves to lay on her back...weird girl! By the way, the rat you see (giving to me by my friend Wendy in Holland, when I was wishing for a pet!) has been injured during playtime with Poes. Her tail is half the length shorter now :( poor rat! So I have to find her a new play-pal... This morning she woke me up screaming MIAUW, because she climbed up somewhere she could not get off on her own! She is pushing my limits, seeing how far she can go, how bad she can be... and she can be a monster, a donderstraal! but then when she sleeps :), she is the cutest thing ever.
Today, December 1st and it is 22 C (72 F) outside, I must be in the wrong country... this is absurd! There should be snow, and thick winter coats and hot chocolate milk. I just bought a super nice hat and a beautiful scarf... which I am suppose to wear now, instead I go out in a T-shirt, no coat... the only thing missing today is sunglasses... it is raining. Maybe winter starts tomorrow...
So today will be all about painting and guessing the last round of the Compound Word Project, I still only now half of the words...
Have a great Friday friends, almost weekend ;)

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01 December 2006