pear pendant and earrings

Some new jewelry that I have been working on already for a while. Now the pear collection is almost complete. (there is a bracelet on the way...) I have to make some more pictures of how it looks when you wear them and then they will be for sale in my online store.

31 May 2006

beautiful graphic

Look at this amazing graphic translation of my blog. You can do it yourself here. And maybe you wanna have a look at all the others.


Small update, I think I finally got the atom-rss feed to be working. So now you can subscribe to my blog! Hope it works, let me know if you have any problems...
And I updated the blogs I like!

paper ring

So today I added some photo's to the rings I sell in my online store. Now you can see how they look on your hand. And I added this beautiful paper ring, which is actually one of the first rings I made. I started liking it more and more. Have a look!

30 May 2006

melting heat

I am melting away on my rooftop, and in the house it isn't any better. Soon it will be time to put on the airco, but just not yet...I don't like the humming sound it is making and I guess I secretly want to enjoy this overwhelming heat. Can you smell the summer?

29 May 2006

online store

YAH! I opened my online store, mezereem*jewelry. Now all the beautiful rings can be bought online. Have a look at the first items there, and come back soon 'cause there is more to come :)
isn't it gorgeous!!

19 May 2006

spoons, forks and knifes

I went to the Cooper Hewitt museum where they have a big exhibition about tableware called: Feeding Desire: Design and the Tools of the Table, 1500–2005. Lots and lots of spoons, forks and knives. I liked the way they dressed up the table in the old days. Tiny little silver cups where you could put on your salt. We don't have that anymore nowadays, those special tools to give that table just the extra good look!

17 May 2006

felt ring

Maybe you came across this 'felt ring' on my website. It comes in two different widths and can be ordered in silver, 10K or 18K gold. All felt rings are handmade to order which means that no single ring is the same. You can buy them in my online store where I also sell some other pieces. Come and have a look.

15 May 2006

dreams of flying

Camilla Engman just posted this link of Jan von Holleben. You have to see them all! Every single one of them is like a little fairytale.
Long shadows on the beach...

12 May 2006


This gorgeous teapot made by Mono is serving me everyday. It has a huge sieve that allowed the tea-leaves to float around freely. The other products made by Mono aren't bad either. They mainly use stainless steel. Another teapot I really like is this one from Beehouse. But I guess you can only drink from one teapot at a time...

11 May 2006

daphne mezereum

A few weeks ago I found this beautiful picture of a Daphne Mezereum on Flickr. The bright red color against the blue sky... The berries are very toxic although they look very attracting to eat. Here you can read some more about the story behind this tree. Also Gianlorenzo Bernini made a huge sculpture of the moment Daphne is transformed in to the Laurel Tree by Apollo (1625).

10 May 2006


How dependent can you be on the internet? As a friend said to me: your lifeline to the world! And she is so right. There does not go a day by that I don't read all those interesting stories on other people's blogs.
Friday we went to Morimoto here in NYC. A very cool Japanese restaurant owned by the iron chef, Masaharu Morimoto himself. And he was his grey outfit. The food was super! They had some great vegetable sushi! But I was really there to see the architecture. Morimoto is designed by my favorite architect Tadao Ando and I loved it. The website is still under construction but I guess it will soon show you some of the architecture of Ando. I liked that the area was divided in separate corners and different levels. So every time you turned around a corner there was a new seating area. The bathroom doors were not finished yet although they were fully equipped with a Japanese toilet. Not the old one but the 'spray you everywhere' ones. The overall look was very nice.

08 May 2006

concerts online

The best concerts online, taped in Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can see it all on the Fabchannel! And they just keep adding all those great concerts... End of the month you can see The Presidents of the USA.

02 May 2006