knitted ring

I know, it looks like there is almost no difference with the 'white' ones but this one is silver 925 shining like crazy :) It is the first knitted ring completely finished... Tessa has knitted a ring in wool and I came up with the idea to make it in silver. We have a lot more ideas to come, so stay tuned on this one...
Furthermore I am working on new design for the upcoming show in November in New York (more info will follow). My sketchbook is bursting with little drawings, I want to make them all but I think there is not enough time for every single one of them. And some of the designs need to develop a little more before I can start working on them. Sometimes I wonder where the ideas come from, in my case I think they are fusions of several images I have seen in nature, fashion or things on the street. A combination of shapes, forms and lines... Anyway, you'll see what comes up :)
Anyone going to see some shows during Fashionweek here in NY?

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30 August 2006

hero rat

I used to have a rat as a pet...and now I found this website of Hero rat trough chiemitti. Have a look at the video and adopt a hero rat! I think it is the best thing ever!!

29 August 2006

another trip

We had a wonderful short trip to the other side of the ocean. I finally saw the Eiffel Tower close by and strolled along the small streets in Paris, drinking a very nice glass of wine in the late evening sun. And another one to be sure it tasted that good.
Here is a small summary of it all - Paris - Eiffel Tower - lots of subway traveling - Louvre - Mona Lisa - Pain au Chocolate (lots of them, hmmmm) - Wine - Kusmi tea - Sacre Coeur - Centre Pompidou - chocolate - TGV - Lyon - car to Bagnols - wedding of a lovely couple - beautiful Chateau - green all around us - amazing dinner - early wake up - car back to Lyon - TGV back to Paris and in the plain to NYC - coming back very tired but happy :) I wish I could have stayed longer...

corner of my home

well, actually, this is a large part of the house... The photo is taken from another part, which is my studio and is undergoing a big renovation. Lots of piles, so maybe I should join Shari and Lisa s with their pile images. I am a master in making piles of things, I pile about everything. Letters, books, magazines, paper, paintings and so and so. I try not to and stuff it all away in boxes, but even those I pile up!
The sun is going down, and the streets are covered with shade, this is the best time to be out. I love it when the city is busy with people going home, doing groceries, picking up laundry and getting ready for the night. I could watch it for hours...just looking at people...

16 August 2006

smiling again

Yesterday I went to see the sold out movie Little Miss Sunshine. It was so funny that I had pain in my stomach from laughing. Really, this was the most funniest movie since a long long time. I will not tell you anything about it, just watch the preview and go there!

12 August 2006


I hope that by looking at this flower I can get some peace in my mind. Clean the wound. Go on... Words can sometimes hurt so much! Right at this moment there is a very loud thunderstorm exactly above me. Rain is pouring down, making a little river come out of my chimney. The room gets filled with bright white flashes. Being safe in this house I know I'll get there, somehow, someday with a big smile.

10 August 2006

30, but not me

It is a 'Happy Birthday' day! And a big love turned *30* today! He got a big cake with candles and two air-balloons and lots of presents! Tonight we go out for a nice dinner to a restaurant that he hopefully likes. (i am very sure he does...we are going to eat his favorite food) It is always nice if it is somebody else's birthday, 'cause you see this person having a happy face. But 30 gives him the creeps, a little. Lucky me that I can still say for a few more months that I am in my twenties!

09 August 2006

nice weekend

We had a really nice weekend! It started on Friday evening with friends and a dinner at an Italian restaurant in Battery Park with a view on the Statue of Liberty, lots of people hanging out there to relax in the park with the cool breeze from the water. And after this we went to see a funny movie. Normally I would be freezing in the Theater but this time the airconditioning did not work and everybody was sweating like crazy... The movie was very American but made me laugh! Saturday we woke up late and spent some time around the house, ate a Falafel for lunch from the streetmarket and then went to the Dia:Beacon. The building was beautiful and so was a lot of art. I really liked the huge Iron sculptures from Richard Serra
the big 'black' holes of Michael Heizer
and the white striped paintings from Agnes Martin.
Sunday we ended the weekend with a little biking along the Hudson river... It was a really nice weekend. How was your weekend? Have a nice monday!

07 August 2006

feeling hot hot hot

If only you could smell half of what I smell from these beautiful flowers... :)
The airconditioner can't take it is running full power and still it his hot inside. Half of the flower called it a night, but the other half keeps blooming and smelling amazingly! They say it is gonna be better in a few days, still hot but better. My studio space can now be used as a sauna, no more painting for the time being. And the roof is a paradise for everything that can survive above 45 C - 113 F. Laundry dries instantly though :) !!
I am still working on my word for Shari's compound words. I hope it turns out the way I imagined.

02 August 2006