friday the 13th

Nothing special about it I think, so far... All the weird stuff already happened last week. I personally don't believe in these things...and wonder where the story came from. Over time things change and the actual story is far from what we think it is today. Like this game we played when I was a little girl. We would all sit in a circle and you would say a word to you neighbor, who would say it the his-her neighbor, and then the last person tells the word he has heard...totally different of course. Yeh for good old times! :)
Yesterday I picked up some more rings and dropped off another batch. I walked passed the 'Sky Mirror' by Anish Kapoor, this time with my camera. The huge stainless steel mirror is on 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Centre. It is a memorial to the British victims of 9-11. It gives you the feeling that you are very tiny and just one of the many many people on this earth. It is not only a reflection of yourself in a visual way but standing there made me look at the others passerby's as well and made me think of what I am to this world and to others. In other words I liked this bombastic thing in the middle of the street.
it took me about 20 times to upload these images...blah!

13 October 2006


Anonymous julie said...

You mean 'broken telephone'..yes, i also stopped believing in friday 13th - just another excuse to not be in control.
Wow, the 'Sky Mirror'...i love how you described your feelings about it - sometimes we get in such a panic about things in life..but what does it mean in the scale of the world?...such a simple thing like a mirror..have a great weekend!!

1:13 AM  
Blogger wendy said...

love that mirror...and friday the 13th...I love the day. Love that their is spooky associate with it.
your rings look great.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Maarten said...

Hi Daphne
I have just added you to my jeweller bloggers. Hope my site is full of inspiration to you, as yours is to me!!



3:23 AM  

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