gray tones

Today is such a beautiful day here in NYC! The sun is shining, blue skies, Sufjan Stevens on Itunes...the air smells like spring! Hmmm... but it is gonna be cold on Tuesday, so I guess spring has to wait a little longer and I will just enjoy this day as it is. I have some more painting to do for my upcoming show in Hamburg. Working hard and enjoying the moments in between, those are the moment of drinking tea and looking, thinking and figuring out the next step, where to put the next layer. This painting has no name yet, it does have a story so the name will come up ones it is ready. It is about 45 x 45 inches (115 x 115 cm) and I just love the different gray tones, to me they seem so deep... you can sink into them. This is probably gonna be the painting that will be used for the invitation. Although it is not finished yet (it needs a few more layers) I think this is the one. Hope you all have a great weekend!


03 March 2007


Blogger shari said...

hi daphne.
we have beautiful spring weather here too. i love your new paintings. those shades of gray are beautiful. xo shari

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Je werk ziet er weer prachtig uit. Ik ben altijd erg de indruk van jouw mooie 'layers'...
Ik ben nu zelf aan het werk met lettertypes schilderen met collage technieken op doek. resultaten verschijnen vanzelf op mijn Hyves.

groetjes aan Mick en Poes,

Liefs Wendy

4:49 PM  

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