gold knitted ring

Time Warner S*KS! My Internet is running, but not all the time, and they can't figure out why! Very annoying!
Anyway, live goes on and I have some new stuff to show you. This is a gold version of the Knitted ring. This is the Yellow version, but it is available in Red and White Gold too. Soon I hope to show you more different kinds. The knitted ring is a one of a kind ring. It was a collaboration between Tessa and me, she made the rings in wool and I came up with the idea to make them in metal, silver and gold.
You have to see these small clips made by my friend Rogier Wieland! They are so COOL! So hop over to Youtube and rate them 5 stars :)
It is cold in the city, there was some snow but not the sticky kind... hope we have some of that soon. The winter can't just pass without a snow storm, can it? Well, back to painting! Have a great Monday!!

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29 January 2007

still here

A year, a birthday, Internet failure, vacation trip, crashed hard-disk and far to many days later I am almost back at blogging again. It has been toooo long, and I missed reading all your stories and looking at your beautiful images. Time just disappeared, it went up in smoke... somewhere between last year and now. And even now it is running faster then I can catch up with. I need to get back on track, start where I left off, or maybe just start where I am now. The hard disk is replaced with a new one and I count the lost mb's. The photo's, the emails, the files...too many to think about, I stopped! Internet is still not running but I hope the cable guy can fix the problem soon so I can be fully back online. In the meantime Poes grew from kitten to cat and made some new friends as did I, and I started gathering new ideas for the next big thing in April and will tell all about that when I know a little more. Friends come to town next week, yeh! And I get to spent some time with a new born guy who stole my heart. I will take it easy here in blog-world, and maybe some things will change...a new year means a fresh start and change is good! So my friends, thank you for being patience, till soon :-) with pictures!


22 January 2007