I just had to show you this picture, isn't she gorgeous? Today we hanged out at the rooftop for a little while. She really enjoys all the activity around her, the new smells, the fly she is trying to catch!
When I am not playing with her I am working on the jewelry show in November. I hope that I can give you some more information soon. For now I can only tell you that it will be on the weekend of 11-12 November noon till 6 pm in SoHo New York. On my list to make is a new necklace that I hope will turn out great and lots of rings. Today I try to finish two orders so I can send them out to the other side of the big pond :)

27 September 2006


It has been a while since you have seen me around here...but I am back and not alone! I will let you meet my sweet new lady that I adopted from a shelter place in Brooklyn last week. Here name is POES and she is 8 weeks old. And man is she easy to love. As soon as she was in the apartment she crawled out of the box and explored the room., walks stairs, climbs couches, finds small hiding places (I let her wear a little bell so I can find her when she moves) and Poes loves to be cuddled to sleep. Well, you understand that I am very, very happy with this little monster that I have been waiting so long to find. And she will be stealing away all my time :) Poes is lief!

24 September 2006

little potatoes

...drooly day, the rain is still pouring down... We went for a quick visit to the Craft Museum where we saw the Schmuck (German word for jewelry) exhibition but I was not blown over from what they were showing, there were a few nice pieces like the 'little potatoes' from Dutch jewelry designer Carla Nuis.
I am still figuring out all the words from the compound word project. Is it just me having a hard time? It was so much fun to see all those beautiful pictures, thanks again Shari and I am looking forward to the next one in a couple of months!
This week I was given some nice chocolates by my love, and eating them made me really wanna go to Max Brenner. I can't wait to drink a hot chocolate milk from their Hug Mug :) Lucky me that I can make my own hot chocolate and drink it from the Hug Mug given to me by my friend Janita who brought it all the way from Australia to New York via Holland *beam*

02 September 2006