happy -ween

My first pumpkin, I made it last year with my Friend! I will be heading out now and watch all the kids spooky-ing trough the neighborhood :)

31 October 2006

that time of the year

It is this time of the year when the plastic bags fly passed your head and end up being stuck in a tree. It is this time of the year when I just want to drink hot chocolate with whip cream, watch a movie snuggled up in bed or on the couch. Hear the wind blowing over the roof, 'knocking' on my window. Hear new sounds...of moving things. It is time for chimney fires, drinking wine and long talks. I remember that 'this time' was a lot later last year...does this mean that winter comes early too? Somehow the darkness outside is giving me this cozy feeling inside, do you have that? This is time to create and I am enjoying it very much!
Have you read wendy's moments, I love them!!
Last night I went to a gallery opening of a friend of mine. He makes these beautiful large abstract paintings and I fell in love with one of them... #105 no picture :( but here you can see some older work of Hiromitsu Kuroo.
...and we saw The Departed
The room went dark wile typing this...I have to turn on the lights! I'll leave you with another picture of Poes, I just couldn't resist ;)

29 October 2006

getting closer

As the show is moving closer I finally send out my invitations. I like doing this, putting the stamps on the envelopes and then slowly let them fall in the mailbox...of to a friend, close or far away...even to far away to come by.
Yesterday I finished some more rings and painted a little more before the gray creature came hanging around upstairs. She just loves to be in the same spot as were I am, especially when I am working. She bangs the brushes with her paw and even walks over my paintings. Since I use a lot of water she steps in the wet paint more then ones but it does not seem to bother her as much as I do :)
This morning we went to the vet a second time, she got spayed last week and since a few days she has this bump underneath her skin at the place of the surgery. The vet said it was normal and I just hope it is. She does not seem to have any pain. On the photo you can see her shaved belly with little hair growing on again...
Well, back to work again - have a great Wednesday!

25 October 2006

coney island

Yesterday I went to Coney Island to meet up with Wendy, Anne and Greg to do some photo shooting in the almost deserted amusement park and its surrounding streets. The train took me one and a half hour to get there and since that was not expected I was late. But luckily not to late to still feel and hear the silence on the boardwalk. The weather was the best, the sky was so blue, the air fresh and cool and the sun was shining...what else to wish for?
I found this great blog called GalleryDing trough Ma Roulotte. The blog is from Maarten who is also a jeweler in the Netherlands. His site has so many links you could keep on surfing all day...check it out! Hope you have a great weekend!!

22 October 2006

friday the 13th

Nothing special about it I think, so far... All the weird stuff already happened last week. I personally don't believe in these things...and wonder where the story came from. Over time things change and the actual story is far from what we think it is today. Like this game we played when I was a little girl. We would all sit in a circle and you would say a word to you neighbor, who would say it the his-her neighbor, and then the last person tells the word he has heard...totally different of course. Yeh for good old times! :)
Yesterday I picked up some more rings and dropped off another batch. I walked passed the 'Sky Mirror' by Anish Kapoor, this time with my camera. The huge stainless steel mirror is on 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Centre. It is a memorial to the British victims of 9-11. It gives you the feeling that you are very tiny and just one of the many many people on this earth. It is not only a reflection of yourself in a visual way but standing there made me look at the others passerby's as well and made me think of what I am to this world and to others. In other words I liked this bombastic thing in the middle of the street.
it took me about 20 times to upload these images...blah!

13 October 2006

jewelry show

You are all invited to the first Fred de Vos jewelry show!
The invitation is ready and I wish I was... still working hard to make everything that is on my list of things that I want to show. The show is going to be amazing, lots of designers and all their different styles. Can't wait to see it all in one room. I hope that I have enough time to start this new thing that I have been thinking about for a while now - a very special necklace. We'll see :)
My card for the art show is coming soon, this week for sure!
In the bus downtown I started reading 'the history of love' by Nicole Krauss...and couldn't stop. Join reading this wonderful book in the 'book-club' hosted by Shari, Lisa s and Ash. Go for more info to Lisa s musings this friday.

10 October 2006

waiting to dry

The sky is so amazingly blue, the sun is shining, and cool fresh air - the perfect October day! I am in the city but if I close my eyes I can see myself walking (or better - running and jumping) on a hill, dried grass around me, little stream far down... A little like 'Christina's world' from Andrew Wyeth which is one of the paintings I really love to see when I'm at the MoMa.
Up to the studio again and paint some more... 'Cause I work in al lot of layers and use lots of water it needs a long time to dry before I can apply the next layer. I am working on several paintings at the same time trying not waste any time, but a little pause ones in a while makes me reflect on that what I have painted so far...a little distance is good! Below you can see one of the paintings I am working on now (not revealing so much though...), for a show next month! I will tell you soon some more about that. Have a good Thursday everyone!!

05 October 2006


New stuff in the shop! Some geometrical shapes this time... All in silver 925 but also available in gold on request. Please have a look at the circle, square and round ring :)

02 October 2006

aurora robson

In answer to Lisa's question, I did see Aurora Robson's jungle and I loved it. It really was a jungle, so much to see...and again the colors she used were amazing, lots of green tones. Have a look at this link. Look at one of those sculptures and than imagine you see multiple of them hanging around you. Very nice!! Too bad it wasn't in a larger space, that would have even been better :)

art 212

Just back from the show and positively surprised. Often I am a bit disappointed by the work shown in such shows but not this time. I even got to see Lisa Solomon's work in person and I really loved it! See here for yourself.
Two artists work I really liked are Sarah Smelser, her work might look a little doll on the net but the colors in real time were amazing. And Isabel Bigelow had some beautiful colored paintings, very dreamy.
Sarah Smelser
Isabel Bigelow

01 October 2006


Flow acceleration, is that a word you would use to say that things are going and that they go good! Anyway, ... I couldn't be happier!! There are several things to work on and soon I hope to tell you some more about it.
Later today I will go to the Art-212 show, I hope to see some interesting new stuff and will post about that later.
Little Poes has a big character and likes to do things her way. She is very active and right now she is bugging me writing this post. She LOVES attention and has no shame asking for it :)