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Hi Friends... can you believe this, it took me for ever to write another post. To much going on in live beyond the computer. I have been busy painting the mural for a baby room which I soon hope to show you after making some photo's. Rings are ready to send out and I am still working on some paintings. There are some orders on the Knitted rings which will be heading to happy receivers hopefully before the holidays. This time we are going to explore them in different shades of Gold.
I managed to update my website with more images of the Layers paintings and my friend Verena has her new website running - for a while already :), have a look at her jewelry.
Also a while ago Wendy came with two friends to have dinner at my place. We had a great time, lots of talking about art and other stuff. She left alone and her friends live in my room now, happy me :) I am sad Wendy leaves to LA, but I am very curious about her word project!
And I was one of the happy people to receive one of Mav's cards. I love it! As I do her holiday gift guide. Lots of nice stuff!
I am off to see Casino Royal...hope it is better than Babel, that sucked!

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26 November 2006


Blogger lisa s said...

awww... look at your cute wendy birds!

your website looks great!

6:36 PM  
Anonymous gracia said...

Busy times abound... and Wendy's little birds make a handsome pair.
take care, g

9:33 PM  
Blogger wendy said...

so glad that you are getting so much done!!
and those knitted rings are really lovely! (well all your rings are!)

7:45 AM  
Anonymous julie said...

Your rings are beautiful!! And love wendys birds!!

3:14 AM  

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