Finally the Gotan Project serves us with a new CD 'Lunatico'. There is no information yet about when and where they give a gig, but as soon as they hit town I would love to go. Other music I like listening to, Cat power, just a few weeks ago I bought there last CD 'Greatest Hits' Lali Puna, they have a great website, be sure to check it out Belle and Sebastian, also a new CD Damien Rice, this website is cool too and I have been listening to KCRW radio over the net lately, lots of nice music. Maybe you have already heard of Pandora. A tool where you can find a lot of music trough other music. Last weekend we watched 'Walk the line', a movie about Johnny Cash. I liked it... what do you like?

27 March 2006

onno boekhoudt

Here are some pictures of the jewelry made by Onno Boekhoudt (1944-2002). I admire his way of working, making lots and lots of sketches and tryouts. I have been lucky to see one of his exhibitions in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The jewelry was displayed in randomly placed wooden boxes. Which gave it a very serene look. Unfortunately there is not much to find about his jewelry on the web... but all his work (jewelry, sketches, drawings, sculptures and so much more) is bought by the CODA museum in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

20 March 2006

would like to have those

This book 'meditative space' is the second in its serie. The first one was 'Space'. Both books show beautiful spaces which are mostly in Japan or influenced by Japanese architecture. I definitely would like a copy of that! And have a look a this Medium Taylor Tote bag. I love the leather and it simple shape. But the price...!!

18 March 2006

new spring things

I fell in love with Camper shoes about 8 years ago. The very minimal ones are my favorite and they fit so comfortable. You could walk forever... Here you can see one lovely pair of the new spring collection. Look at all those little flowers. If only it wasn't this cold outside :-)
Also new spring clothes at Cora Kemperman. Unfortunately you can't buy them in the US. But be sure to visit if you are in the Netherlands or Belgium.

05 March 2006

this is New York

If you did not read - saw it already, This is New York by Miroslav Sasek. He 'wrote' the book in 1960 and was reissued in May 2003. The drawings are really beautiful! He made similar books about Paris, Rome London and a lot more cities.
I come to a place like New York, for example, that I have never visited before in my life. I begin by going to see the things I've heard about or read about-- the monuments, the landmarks and particular places of interest. One thing leads to another until the book is completed. All I really do is run from my hotel to someplace and then back to the hotel! - Miroslav Sasek

04 March 2006

egon schiele

This is my favorite painting by Egon Schiele 1890 - 1918, it is the portrait of another painter named Karl Zakovsek made in 1910. He was only 20 years of age by then. Egon Schiele didn't live long but he made a lot of work in the time he was around. You can find some of his works in the Neue Galerie in New York. Where you can also find some Gustav Klimt paintings. Other than that the Galerie is a beautiful building and you can have a nice Austrian lunch in cafe Sabarsky.

01 March 2006