that time of the year

It is this time of the year when the plastic bags fly passed your head and end up being stuck in a tree. It is this time of the year when I just want to drink hot chocolate with whip cream, watch a movie snuggled up in bed or on the couch. Hear the wind blowing over the roof, 'knocking' on my window. Hear new sounds...of moving things. It is time for chimney fires, drinking wine and long talks. I remember that 'this time' was a lot later last year...does this mean that winter comes early too? Somehow the darkness outside is giving me this cozy feeling inside, do you have that? This is time to create and I am enjoying it very much!
Have you read wendy's moments, I love them!!
Last night I went to a gallery opening of a friend of mine. He makes these beautiful large abstract paintings and I fell in love with one of them... #105 no picture :( but here you can see some older work of Hiromitsu Kuroo.
...and we saw The Departed
The room went dark wile typing this...I have to turn on the lights! I'll leave you with another picture of Poes, I just couldn't resist ;)

29 October 2006


Anonymous julie said...

I love your time of year thoughts..and im with you on All of them. Its great to be all cozy inside, thunder outside, music playing, creating...:)

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi daphne!
i just love fall too and your list of things you are enjoying now.

ah, that little poes is a sweetheart.

have fun creating. xoxo shari

10:35 AM  
Anonymous martha said...

oh -I love this time of year too. It's the best time to be in the Midwest.

9:58 AM  
Blogger lisa s said...

i was just thinking those thoughts about this time of year....

cute cute poes!!

6:42 PM  
Blogger wendy said...

what a perfect description of fall!
the show is getting close!
& poes is super cute

8:27 AM  
Anonymous gracia said...

I love Autumn too... and it is so very, very productive. It all sounds so cosy over there.
Here we are getting ready for a hot, hot Summer. Water restrictions, drought, blue skies and cats wilting in the warm afternoon sun.
see you, g

7:29 AM  

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